Developed final storyboard

So to the original story board and animatic it didn’t have every figured out as well as the fact I’ve found some great styles to think of to look into the short some more. I’ve been able to develop a bit more a better storyboard with some annotations all around looking at whats going on and what I really want to focus on within that point of the short in which many times I’ve simply written ‘sound’ in large text which is where I really need to look into a good track or sound to express that point in time.
It’s a bit messy but it’s in constant development and is very simple as, it’s bad I know, I do have most of it in my mind all laid out. I put it out as best as I could on paper for now, but it’s hard to depict the framing things I’ve been looking into like within in Scene 4, I’ve tried to play with the aspect and framing within the short and purposely cut off or re-arrange the image in the center to try to frame the footage differently. I’ll expand and play with this idea more when I get the footage to a more finalised version.

But for now here is the storyboard version 2.


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