Building fiction

I have been looking going through the mass collection of sites I’ve attained over the last few years and just looking to see something inspiring and interesting to get myself going again.
It’s surprising to see how many incredibly skilled, creative and imaginative architectures and interior designers there are out there in the world, creating things that look truly unbelievable and beautiful. To help me think more about design and interiors for the alien ship I went travelling through some of my favourite arty sites to see what i could find.
Here are some more recent ones which I thought truly fit the sort of space/alien theme we need and am looking for to fill out the scenes.

Something I noticed with a lot more modern designs is that people like to run with something clean, well-rounded and cut and open. It seems everyone’s running around in a world that is filled with a lack of the natural beauty that once surrounded us and people are trying to bring that back and place us in that open environment.
With the interior of the ship I was really wanting something very clean-cut and simple especially to go along with the aliens, the idea with them having to hands means I need to look into how they would create, build and interact with objects as well as with each. I thought perhaps they could use some sort of force or power which was a bit too far out there, so I utilised one of their features, that being their ears/antennas.
Either using it as a grasping tool or to use the original ‘power’ concept so that it could glow as it wishes to interact or use something.

Here’s my most recent find for a website but it contains some amazing architecture and deign work from all around the world and is something I need to keep heading back too to check out whats new and inspiring.

Something else I was shown that’s really nicely designed and animated is an animation named Slimtime, set around a man and his wife/girlfriend going to a futuristic express weight loss program and the man being able to explore the place while she’s rolled, juiced and put through various different stages. There’s a really interesting and stylish set of characters and environment design. Something that really appeals to the simple futuristic look and appeal I was thinking of, apart from it being perhaps a little less ‘cosy’.
Here’s the actual animation for you all to see and enjoy.

Slimtime from Slimtime on Vimeo.

So this isn’t exactly buildings… but this incredibly weird and crazy thing did catch my attention enough to believe it should be shared out there especially when I should have had it as inspiration for an alien. Truly crazy and mind-blowing creations…


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