It’s a little behind but here’s a timetable I made for myself which is still quite open and general in order to keep myself on track and get everything done for this module. Some points may have to be moved around and some things fitted in but that’s the beauty of having a calendar I can move around a bit. I did leave the weekends a bit more open just in case as well.

I’ve also been able to fit in some talks and studio visits which such be amazing and inspiring not just of course to help in this module and course but in my future profession what ever that may be. It’ll be great just to see how things work in the industry and get to chat to some people who are working away at the moment and hopefully see them at work if I am allowed. I will be blogging about them once I return through the Creative Practice module however I won’t be able to obviously blog everything as there are things I’m not able to discuss which is pretty exciting.

But here’s some simple screenshots of the calendar I’ve put together.


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