Critical Positions on the Media and Popular Culture

Luckily for this lecture they were nice enough to print off the quotes and some notes which saved me a lot of writing. Above are the notes I’d taken and printed notes given.

I think the first line of my notes sum up the entire lecture, culture – complex. It seems like a lot to take in with so many new terms for an area that I never really got to look too much into. Although I’ve looked at culture and postmodern culture theories briefly within last years critical and contextual studies, I’ve never taken a more in-depth take on the positions of media and popular culture.

What is culture? A simple way of putting it is that it’s a way of living, ways of thinking and some times described as a group of work in terms of art, points of interest or iconic images.
Popular culture is culture that is well liked by many people, sometimes it can be deliberatly created to win favour with the people and become somewhat iconic. It is culture that is made by the people themselves, but usually class judged rather than culture itself, this brings in eliteism and political issues. The interesting thing here though is that way in which media and the internet has changed the way in which information and these works are being seen and sent to us. It seems to be more apparent that culture has changed and that this hierarchy of people is begining to change, people are starting to make their own choices and nothing can be really hidden anymore although people still try.

A really interesting point made in the lecture was looking into who the popular culture work or media is created for.
Popular press Vs Quality press.
Popular cinema Vs Art cinema.
Popular entertainment Vs Art culture.

A lot of the lecture focused around the way in which we are seen and we see ourselves in a culture that is governed by class. This seperation of class not just seperates us financially but in a mental, physical and cultural seperation.


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