Communication Theory

We are all animals, we all communicate to get to know each other, to plan, to move forward, gain experiences. With the influence in technology we have evolved the way in which we communicate to one another and learn more about each other and ourselves.
Within this lecture we looked at McLuhan once again and looked at the way in which he looks at how tools have become the extention of man. We create these tools to cover what we don’t have.

When looking into the communication theory, it seems as though it would be fairly simple with it mainly looking into how we communicate with one another but there’s also other areas which have been developed even more so recenetly within the theory. At the core, it is how we affect change with one another. Cognative theory that is linked with communication theory, is looking at the way in which the structure of language and patterns is created in specific ways for the brain to accept and take in.
The sociocultural tradition discuesses the way in which people define themselves in terms of their identity. This is down to how people accept culture and images and text from media and cultural beliefs.

Critical communication theory is looking at how society is goverened and influenced by people in power. In order for these people to be in power they must know everything, in order to obtain this knowledge a good communcation system must be in place. As well as gaining information it acn also be used to influence and control people with their thoughts and feelings.
The interesting thing with the communication theory is looking at how people now can use this with the changes in technology. Is the communication theory still structured in the same way in which it was a few years ago?


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