Media Specificity

This is an area that seems more and more apparent as I progress through this course. This with transmedia seem to be very key points that as a creative I need to be aware of when creating my work and developing work for other people.

We interpreted the creation of media specific media within our own specifics, this meant starting from looking at how our own medium, biological features like standing on our feet, using our hands being incredibly specific to us as humans.
In the end it’s really coming down to how we are all created for very specific things with different specificity.

We looked at how tools are extensions of our existing faculties. These tools are things we can then use and develop upon to make up for weaknesses or to prove our intelligence and creativity.
Through evolution and looking at specificity we, as have other creatures, have developed and evolved to be able to survive and grow within many different situations and environments. You could interpret this by looking at how technology has developed with us and how it’s now making us evolve and develop faster, easier and more open. This links with the idea of seeing the world as a ‘global village’. The implications upon media specificity is that the actual ideals that we once had around it may change and develop with us. Before you could say that things are developed for a certain area, group of people or even lifestyle and belief. But when you have a world that no longer has that separation and everyone thinks, lives and believes the same things; how do you develop something that’s specific but then still caters for everyone that may see it or have it, whatever that ‘it’ may be. Social patterns now seem to be shaped by the media rather than society shaping and developing the media we use.

A thing that also seems to pop up a lot within contextual and theoretical studies seems to be sound. It’s become even more apparent this year how import sound can be with the creating moving imagery and visuals. Even if it’s ‘room sounds’ or background noise, having that influence is incredibly important to visuals, I’d never really thought about it until now because I only used to create 2D and illustrative imagery. But we as people have developed with the evolution of sound, how people hear things and what people create to be heard are extensions of our own hearing.

An interesting point that Garry covered in this lecture was also that new technologies tend to mimic old ones to feel as though we know what we’re doing. This seems to replicate how we also repeat and re-use stories as well as using very similar and classic means of story telling, we have only developed and built upon what we know and recognise.
Within todays society though if you wish to criticize an art form you must look at three main areas first. How does it make use of the medium? How is it limited? How is it directed towards its specificity?


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