How to promote yourself in 6 easy steps

So there’s a way to promote yourself in 6 easy steps hm?
It’s a pretty easy thing to do if you do it right but there is a few things you need to remember.

The four ‘p’s’ are a necessity; Price, Place, Product, Promotion.
With so much noise out there it’s hard to really ‘sell’ yourself, there’s now so much information forced onto us it’s hard to really stand out. But thinking about these steps and making your work individual will always help push you along.

Marketing Communication Mix – Murray & O’Driscoll (1996) is a good place to start looking at yourself in terms of marketing and what you have to offer.

Personal selling is the most effective way but most time-consuming method to communicate and promote yourself. Even though you want to find the easiest and fastest way of selling yourself, you’ll always have to use a variety of methods and take time to build yourself up.

But here’s those six easy steps,
1. Get their attention
– business cards – making them personal and interesting, be creative.
– advertising.
– events.
– radio.
– write articles.
– run a blog.

2. Build their interest
– website.
– portfolio.
– information packs.
– catalogue.
– curation.
– exhibitions.

3. Convince them
– statement (artists, practitioners)
– recommendations.
– testimonials.
– awards.
– community engagement.
– professional bodies.
– charity events.

4. Make your offer irresistable
– value proposition.
– pricing strategies.
– packaging.
– try before you buy.
– recommendations.
– differentiation.

5. Close the sale
– convenience.
– buy it now.
– right place, right time.
– delivery.
– personal selling.
– interactive website.

6. Reinforce
– after sales service.
– advertising.
– public relations.
– longevity.
– merchandising.
– maintaining contact.
– building relationships.

Remember AIDA,
. Attention . Interest . Conviction . Desire . Action .

The main thing over all is know who your audience is and target your market.
– demographic
– geography
– lifestyle
– media usage


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