This post is going to be a pretty big one in which I’ve been busy trying to get a spaceship design out and made within Maya to get ready to use for my FX scene.
I’ve yet to really figure out the interior of the ship as of yet but that’s the next step really. I’ve got Freddie also helping with the making and a little bit of designing of the actual ray gun/turret for the space ship which is why it’s so under developed within these drawings and images.

But here’s all the basic drawings, design work and beginning of the Maya model of the spaceship which at the moment I’m just calling ‘Pew Pew’.
I’m still not sure on the colour of the actual ship but that’s something I’m going to discuss and try get some opinions on… what do you think?

Hopefully these will all make sense to you without me having to say much else than it’s still in its creation and development stage although most of the design is done. If they do, then I’ve done my job correctly with these.


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