Aliens are back

Sure it may not look like it but it’s taken me a few hours just getting these coloured, painted and done up with several different colours and styles.
I’m still not sure which is exactly going to be the final character appearance but I do really like the ‘Tron’ style little alien that seems to have appeared.
I also have grown a really big love towards painting a different colour or textures on several different layers and then from there, I can choose which one to show so I can mix and match styles and colours. Something I actually only started doing because of working with Andy in Game Art & Design module last year, where he drew on the same canvas but with several different pictures on different images which made me think about using it this way.

Here’s two screenshots just so you know what I’m on about with the layers…

And here is my lovely front colour palette of various colours, styles and patterns which I’ve tried out just to see what I can do with the initial outline. I’ll be drawing some more of it where there’s more items as well as movement, side and top views. It’s actually taken me a surprisingly long time to get them all layed out like it is but I’m sure that’s just me being picky.

Let me know what you think and which one of them I should mix and match if you’d like! It’d be a great help actually…


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