Finally been able to start getting my head around After Effects but it was even more interesting with the mix of Maya in there.
I was incredibly worried about whether or not I’d be able to understand of this part but it came to me, as a surprise, fairly easy as long as you stayed logical and keep to good practice, although of course we weren’t doing anything incredibly difficult.

So this is the first test of the first VFX scene within our short where we all have been given the footage we all helped to capture with Annabeth as the director as well as a rough alien space ship model courtesy of Annabeth again just to get a grips with working both Maya and After Effects together and how to actually put them together.

Here’s a very quick video of the steps I went through to get the final short sequence of the alien in the scene with a little bit of shadow on the building to really sell its presence in the shot. I did also tidy up the actual shot as it had started raining a little bit the day of the shoot so it was good to get rid of the rain drops on the lens of the camera that it had captured although the window one was fairly difficult. Once I’d had a word with Matt though it made sense and became pretty easy although it was a static shot which of course makes it much easier.

I never actually realised how much After Effects feels like Photoshop, once I’d got that into my head it became much more simple and understandable. Here’s a bunch of screenshots from the day where I went through taking out the rain drops and masking, then onto rendering out from maya, then onto importing the .tif image sequence and then adding the shadow onto the building.


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