Behind the scenes on film day.

Here’s a link to a very quick blog that was put up by Ben that consists of the images he took from the actual day of the shoots where he was capturing the behind the scenes images

As well as these photos though Jeff had recorded some footage also of the first film day where we were able to get the crane out and some new equipment which we haven’t actually used yet.

What everyone was actually doing the day as well as mixing a little bit to help one another out.
It was really useful to get use to actually filming with someone like Annabeth who has wider knowledge of how more professional filmers would do it as well as looking at how she positions and utilises the equipment at hand. The compositions and shots weren’t exactly how I had first thought they’d be but that’s what happens when you actually film things and how the storyboard can be slightly re-written or added to on the day of the shoot.

Wednesday 18th 2012

9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Level 5: “Invasion!” shoot

Director: Annabeth Robinson

Assistants: Bill Clay and Jennifer “Jeff” Maddison

Time Sheets: Jennifer “Jeff” Maddison

Leading Lady: Lauren Sharman

Camera: Michael Chapman

Crane operator: Freddie Pitcher

Lights: Dan Holdroyd

VFX supervisor: Ross Johntson

Post Production: Cameron Bland and Andy Howden

Boom operator: Jake Neal

Sound Levels: Mary Jean Oliver

Hair and Makeup: Jennifer “Jeff” Maddison and Lauren Sharman

Continuity: Ben Mayfield

Location Manager: Chris Luk

Clapper: Jade Hodgson

‘Behind the Scenes’ images and capture: Ben Mayfield and Coral Baker

Everyone else: Extras and equipment mules.


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