Storyline & beginning

With the story down, roughly, I’ve started to create the storyboard for the actual film now. Before I get this fully sorted I may have to re-write the actual shots I want and the way it’s shown.
Here’s scans of the page in which I just wrote down the general idea as well as what sort of film I wanted, what direction I wanted it to take. I’ve also started to note down and doodle some characters as I was thinking of mixing a character that’s very spherical shaped with a cube sort of shape. As I’ve learned from previous modules and from looking at people’s work within the industry I’ve noticed how shapes can convey thoughts and emotions, even subconsciously, where some soft and acceptable is circular and then something more rigid and maybe even hard is more square, with sharper edges and precise angles.

Underneath I have a screen capture of my initial storyboard into an animatic which I’ve mixed up and played with a bit using After Effects and Final Cut Pro. By no means finished and a bit more rewriting is needed but I just wanted to get a very basic layout so I can get firm characters and assets laid out.

Before any filming and building my character within Maya, I’m thinking of making it using something like clay or plasticine. This way I can really look at it in 3 dimensional space as well as play with it a little to see how it could move and how I might try to make it expand to eat the real life person. I’ll have to do a little research into the exact material I need to use for it but hopefully I’ll be able to get that done and maybe even use the model in the film as the child plays with the alien as a toy.
Hopefully it’ll all make sense at the end of it.

Also found this not to long ago thanks to Scott McCloud’s tweet.

It’s actually a really great and interesting little video about the sort of presentation of film and a little into the history of the way in which shots are framed and why. I never actually knew a lot of the information on the short as well as not really being able to get my head around these screen layouts but they make more sense now. After watching this though I’ve thought about how I could actually try this within my short, it’s much like the layouts of more recent comic books. The layout of comics has been pretty standard for many years but it suddenly changed I believe near the end of the world war (correct me if I’m wrong please) but it had changed the way in which they were laid out and shown. How the panels within comics changed to the story giving more room to certain shots as well as characters and objects breaking the borders and moving into the ‘guttering’ of the page. Why not set the film up within a certain ratio but change the amount and size of image within that set size, depending on the scene, image and feel I want.
I might just have to test that out.


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