Pixar, Studio Ghibli and persistants

I need to get my storyboard up and going for my short which involves the four scenes and my final scene.
Looking at storyboards I’ve nearly gone into too much depth with them in more of a film term but I did find this really interesting talk with one of the story artists for Pixar and in paticular the artist for Wall E.

It’s really interesting and great to see new methods in doing very traditional necesaties for a film such as laying out the story within pictures. Rather than having the storyboard images pinned and discussed on the walls with everyone, they now look at them frame-by-frame on the computer called a story reel. Although they look at each one on a computer it seems as though a lot of them still choose to do the drawings by hand, and this is the same for some animators as they like to sketch out where the faces and movement will be before actually animating on screen with the models.
It’s crazy how long it takes for them or how much time they place on getting the story, imagery and shots right before going anywhere else with the production of the films. It literally takes them years just to get over the first stages of production which we’re asked to do within a few weeks if not days. It’s also interesting to see how much editing already begins to go into these story reels as he talks about using After Effects and setting up different cameras to see what works and what can be done within the shots.
The number of drawings that they produce regularly and for this specific film is incredible, with so many alterations, plays and well thought out shots it’s no wander why they do so well when it comes to telling a story. A typical story reel for a Pixar film is between 50 to 70,000 individual drawings but for Wall E they had generated around 125,000 which is just mind blowing.

This was just something else I found on a certain Pixar animators tumblr, Chris Chau. Where he has images of a letter written by a friend and another animator at Pixar named Austin Madison and it’s just lovely and very true.


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