Particels and light beams

After talking to Matt about my idea, or at least how I imagine my alien beam to be like, he had told me about a piece of software that we have in College.

Red Giant’s TrapCode suite is ideal for what I had in mind especially after looking at Corridor Digitals short film they made with the Dubstep weapons and the way in which they created their waves of sound.
I was thinking of having a main beam but then having something much more fluid and wrap around that main beam with particles running off of it.

Here’s some really nice behind the scenes of an indie film group who have created this sci-fi short film and a lot of the aspects they’re using in this are what I am having to do and create so it’s nice to see something which I can aim for. Something that I must look into more and I am slightly worried about is the notion of the tracking points and making the set fit the character.

Behind the Scenes from BC2010 on Vimeo.


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