Maxim Verehin

It seems he can make anything that was cute, truly freaky and terrifying…
Something that I find unbelievably difficult is to make something feel really scary and off just because it seems it isn’t within my drawing hand to produce anything like that. I can create something freaky looking but it usually turns out very cute and homely, so here’s looking at someone who can make you really feel uncomfortable looking at his images.

Looking through his images it seems there’s something very eery about having an image that looks human but is only just put away from that. This really freaks many people out as it’s something we all know and see all the time but then suddenly put off in a more horrific manner. Something he likes to do, as I see it, is to really play around with the size of the characters body proportions and play with the expressions so that the teeth are even shown heavily or not at all with large peering eyes or completely shut off. It has so much to contrast with within the actual image of the character. He has a lot of detail and look into the light and way in which the characters are composed with their stance.
The environments are grand and full of colour as well with a lot of play on the flourescent styles that I’ve noticed in some other artists too.
Within most of his images he colours and some case draws them in a very classical manner in which it looks as though he’s used a very hard paint like gouache as it leaves those very harsh lines and powerful colours. It works more on the basis of less ‘blending’ but more on the actual definition of line and colour.


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