Jurassic Park 1, 2 & 3

Stan Winston & ILM studios worked in all 3 films for the special effects and animatronics. Both teams helped design, create, animate and bring the dinosaurs we see within all 3 films to life using several different methods.
After watching the Star Wars ‘making of the one minute’ bonus feature in which it went through the procedure it took just to create that one scene, watching the creation and behind scenes footage of the Jurassic Park films. They seem to make a lot more sense as well as having a greater understanding of the each of the layers that’s needed to create one scene, like having to have the original screen back footage, then the model, then the shadow, extra effects, influenced physical objects, lighting, so on and so forth. There’s so many different and intracate parts to put together just to make one scene work.

What’s more interesting is how they didn’t and don’t just use CG to fix any problems or to create things within the world of Jurassic Park. They use a host of different mediums and techniques to create each individual shots. Nothing rely solely on the CG, there’s also life-sized models created, miniatures, animatronics, sets, 3D ‘game rendered’ levels to move around in. Similar of that you get to see in the behind the scenes for the Star Wars making of. It’s much more in-depth and tell you all the information compared to other ‘behind the scenes’ for large production films with VFX that I’ve seen so far, so it was a better way round to see that first then look at something like the Making of Jurassic Park.
What’s really great to see is the several different scenes that I know so well from watching the films, and watching each layer of the footage build up and how it was put together to be what we see on the big screen. I like to try to pick out how and what they must have done to create that scene from the footage, images and materials they have. It’s also great to see the rough outlines from ‘masking’ out live footage for CGI or rotoscoped outlines which I now know of from watching these ‘Making of’s..’.
As Annabeth said, it’s such a great way to see exactly what these very large companies, creatives and teams do to make something so memorable. It’s so much more open and full of tips, hints, technique and knowledge especially if you know what to look out for.

The best thing about looking at this specific behind the scenes feature is that you can see the progression and development for ILM and Stan Winston team through the years with animatronics and CGI. You can compare and contrast the trilogy, but the most interesting thing about the trilogy is not that the CG has improved, as that would be expected, but the most key point through the three films; is that the techniques, methods and order of progress hasn’t changed through any of them. They still use the more ‘traditional’ methods of VFX and production methods.
As some put it, you need to find the best way to show the narrative no matter what it takes or what it is.


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