Doomed by Guillermo García Carsí

Most people would know of Guillermo García Carsí as he is the creator and director of Pocoyo.
Pocoyo is one of my favourite children’s animations out there at the moment with its witty storylines, crazy, bubbly and fun characters and its brilliant animations. Who can really deny how lovely Pocoyo is? But it’s not what I’m really talking about with this specific module.


Doomed is Guillermo García Carsí newest venture, the storyline…
A biological Cartoon (3D animated series pilot and short film) El Señor Studio has the honour to present the failures of the natural selection. A set of strange creatures whose instincts instead of focusing on survival seem doomed them to an absurd and comic extinction, in the presence of the astonished gaze of the narrator.

I love the animations, obsured creations and idea that there was a set of animals that had evolved from natural selection but were complete failures. Every fails at something here and there but the idea that nature itself had some mis-haps and they looked this wild and wonderful is genius. Something that I need to keep in mind when creating my alien, something completely adorable but absurd, in some cases so freaky its ridiculous.
It’s interesting to see the real person kick one of the animated characters, a mix of live and CG footage. To me it appeared to work even if it was a brief moment, something I need to keep in mind. The textures, lighting and movement are very important to make them fit even though you know they aren’t real.

Check out the studios showreel, it’s just got some lovely animations and characters on there, but it’ll make you really happy…


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