VFX on Battle LA & District 9

As well as recently looking at some ‘Behind the scenes’ features on DVD’s, I’ve been shown some amazing sites with some great information on some of the VFX work that went into two very CG heavy films, Battle LA and District 9.
The articles look into the process and some of the choices in which the team had taken to create the specific look they wanted. It was great to see all the more financial information about these high budget big named films as you can compare the fact we don’t have anywhere near that amount so you can say we don’t need to have that yet which is a misconception on my part. With the Battle LA information it has much more discussion and in-depth talk about the process than District 9 although with that article it does have the before and after shots of some of the work, it’s great to see what it looked like before a lot of the VFX was added as you can get an idea what sort of back plate they had and what they worked on.
I try to figure out what they do within what stage to create the film footage we see in the films. If I can take the film apart for VFX this way, I feel as though I can get a better understanding of each part of the film process i.e. post production, CG team, editing, so on.

Battle LA


District 9


Here’s one article and interview also about Smoke & Mirrors a VFX company based in New York who have really moved into the world of animation.

It’s great to see with all the teams working on these VFX’s what software they use as well and how they cross these issues of making them believable, alive and real. Something that I really need to consider when creating my alien. As I was speaking with Andy, we really need to make sure that it works well with the real footage as it wouldn’t make sense to have something incredibly cartoony and flat with a real life green screened person, Unless there was much more planning and style tests.


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