The price of VFX

I’ve never really looked into the financial side of the VFX world or animation world till recently and especially those two articles on Battle LA and District 9. But what’s more interesting is the current climate with most VFX studios today and how much companies are willing to pay for the grand VFX and CG shots we see on our big screens today.We all know that no one is really doing so well within this current financial climate but this short article speaks about some of the concerns that VFX artists have and some companies, mainly focusing on the film ‘Green Lantern’.
There’s also some interesting responses to the actual article from mixed people.

Here’s the rates card of Smoke & Mirrors the VFX company I mentioned in my previous post. To me these are incredibly high rates that they ask for, but that’s only because I’ve never really looked into it before. But when you look at the work they produce, the time it takes and the skills you need then the prices are very fair. With the skills you need just consisting of creative skills, but knowledge of the software, methods, techniques and appeal.


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