Lilo & Stitch Disney

I was reminded about Lilo & Stitch by Siobhan who mentioned the film when I was looking at what I could research into for ideas and references for my character design. So I had a sudden urge to watch the film again and it’s just got great creatures and style with a mad way of moving the characters in the very fluid and exaggerated style of animation.
What I was more interested in though was not the actual film but the animated series, with the animated series they extended the Stitch’s family. The idea was that Stitch wasn’t the first or only experiment which was a given with the name experiment 626.
It’s taken awhile but I’ve looked through most of the aliens within each series of the animated program with the help of wikipedia and this website I came across. It has the full list of each of the aliens and characteristics of each one, with its ability and looks. Luckily it also has a link which places you to an image of the actual alien named, sometimes the images weren’t that great but you do get the idea. I’ll be trying to find footage of some of the aliens to see how they animated them because I want a ‘cute’ sort of look but still make them become incredibly terrifying.
What’s most common with the majority of the designs is the finished shape and large round eyes, although they aren’t all circular, the majority of them have soft edges and can be put into a ball.

Here’s some quick images of some of the aliens listed and shown within the cartoon series.

Here’s just another useful site if your ever having to look up Disney characters, it has a pretty big list of almost every Disney character ever created and animated within both Disney and Pixar. It actually has some other characters and images that you may have not seen before as some never made it to the public light.


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