What gets people scared….

Some really old films and other references that people have created that I just came across when looking for UFO things but it became more interesting to just see what people find abnormal or strange.
There’s some really crazy and freaky people out there…

Looking for UFO things on Stubleupon but the relevent videos are also great to see what really freaks the hell out of people!

It’s interesting to see what freaks, scares and worries people who have heard several different myths or legends for so long that people believe them to be true.

I thought this was great too! Although it’s not exactly scary or anything but just the way it actually looks is really crazy.
Someone had the genius idea of microwaving their mobile phone and this is the result in a .gif and the way it actually goes crazy in the microwave is really interesting. It’s crazy what sort of things you can see within the phone ‘exploding’ within the microwave. It’s almost like hell itself is trying to come out of it, who ever could have thought mobile phones were actually holding that much fear!


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