Influence and research

Some really interesting and useful sites with artists and tips on them. Some of them were given to us but some others I just came across and advised to look at.

A host of great animations and shorts with so much information and art design in the back.

Information to the max!

A really interesting festival that I had found through looking around on short films and VFX edits. It has some great work on their and really interesting indie film makers. It’s great to see what sort of ideas other people are able to come up with and experiments and tests that other people have been able to come up with that aren’t in the mainstream or constricted. It’s great to see how open, free and playful it is although it’s a shame it’s all the way in New York.

This information on one of the creations and designs for the FedEx advert is great. I love the design work and a small look into the design the actual creation of it. It’s a great thing to use to just get an idea of what I could do as well as a way to play with the character design and appearance.

Another really useful and great website for people in and not quite in the industry spread though out the site as well as some tutorials.
I’ve found some of my most favourite and incredible CG and modelling artists within this site.

Some information that I really need to look into about VFX and film but in more of the terms of software, development and things like that which I also need to be aware of rather than have a full knowledge over. It’s really interesting to also look into what makes the headlines in the CG world and what people who are really into the industry appreciate and acknowledge. What makes thing’s so good?

It’s not always the internet though that anyone should rely on, so I decided to check out a few book stores as well as looking around the library at college. Here’s one book that was incredibly interesting with tons of different artists in. This was when I was shown a truly incredible artist and book which was James Jean’s newest book.

And what do I do at 4am these days? I get too into looking at exciting and pretty things….


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