UFOs real or not?!

I have turned Stumbleupon from something I love to do because I’m great at procrastinating, to something that is actually influencing and helping find things within the module.
If you don’t know about Stumbleupon, it’s a website in which you can choose an ‘interest’ or a number of interests and then allow it to ‘stumble’ and search through the internet to find websites that link to the interests you choose.
So one area I mentioned was also the ‘real life’ side of things and how people believe in UFOs and have recordings, images or drawings of what they believe aliens look like.
These can help give an idea of shape, design, style and use of light for the creation of my UFO and alien. What better reference is there than real life… even fiction comes from truth.

Here’s a great mix up of alien ‘UFOs’ that stumbleupon came across…

Here’s another but just crazy story about Nazi’s and UFO’s

You can’t go wrong with the Discovery Channel as well!

This sites great with tons of information, up to date sightings, news and images. It also has a few real under sea creatures that are just plain weird too. Good stuff for reference images and a look at what people have believed to be sightings of both UFO’s and aliens.


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