The world can be just as stranger place…

There are billions and trillions of animals out there in the world that are just plain bizarre.
Animals that have been left in the deepest are darkest areas of the world and some that just evolved to be almost alien.
I’ve just been looking into some of these weird, crazy, amazing, frightening and some times cute creatures that really exist within our world… somewhere out there.
Some I do know of and have seen up close but then there’s some that are just plain weird.
Here’s some sites that have some great images and links to these magical creatures.

This one’s great with images, information and sometimes video footage of the animal,

This one has some great images of some really freaky fish and creatures from the waters…

You can’t go wrong with the National Geographic,

From looking at these though the most alien looking of all creatures seem to come from down the dark areas of the ocean and sea… maybe I’ll have to look around those some more.


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