Need to get working…

A great winner I found whilst looking around on Twitter,!/animationjobs

A website that’s dedicated to help animators all over the world find jobs and there’s also some work experience and placements sometimes too!!
Exciting stuff for someone like myself where it’s really hard to find anything at the moment.
Luckily there’s been some great advice thrown at me and some lovely people who have allowed me to go visit and talk to them.
A lot of people seem to tell me that its early days for me to do this, which still may be true as I keep learning so much within a short time on the course, but it’s never too early to know what I need to have by the time I finish my degree.

It seems the biggest thing I’m missing now is my own work. Sure I can use the work I’ve created within the course but that’s not always linked and not as good as I’d like to have produced. Now however it can be much different and between now and the summer I really need to get lots of my own work done, even if it’s short I want to produce something simply brilliant.
As I’ve been told, it’s not always how long or grand it is, but how much detail and passion you throw into your animation. Focus, colour, sound and line work.


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