Watching, Listening, Notes, Ideas

To kick-start the ideas bit for the new project I really needed to get on with references and just looking at what there already is out there. How have people already conquered the aliens?!

Best way is to just watch and look for lots of different areas in where aliens have been dealt with in a more VFX way. How fo they appear, how have they been ‘crafted’ to fit the appropriate genre, use and audience.
I decided that there are four main areas in which you could say Aliens are dealt with, that would be Animation, Film, Games and real life. They all of course tie in with either Science Fiction or known science. So I looked up what alien was defined as in the dictionary as I like to really get an idea of the actual meaning of a word as well as look at all the possible other ways of saying or describing it, this is where a thesaurus comes in handy.

So I wrote out all those and then looked into what animations, films, games and other areas which will influence the way in which my character is designed which is what I have scanned in above. Of course each style, look and feel of an alien for the film, animation, game, etc. varies drastically depending on the actual storyline and narrative. I’m still fully deciding on the actual story but I’m getting an idea for characters as I know the style of short film I want and the impression I want to make on people.

Here’s some short clips on the sort of references and places I was getting ideas and images of aliens from…

Specifically some animations…

Fan made tribute to Futurama

Pixar Short Animation – Lifted

Monsters Vs Aliens

Some films within the last year…

Super 8


Transformers 3


Battle Los Angeles


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