Getting all inspired!

It’s been a nice christmas with games, food, sleeping, drinking and… food.
But I haven’t stopped getting inspired and up for doing little bits of work here and there and keeping up with my drawing! All the time!

I thought it’d be right for me to also email all those that have helped me, given me advice or even been able to reply to my emails; wishing them a merry christmas and happy new year with thanks for their help.
Surprisingly some people did actually reply as well as another person who I was able to email just before christmas.
I’ve had some great advice and small chats with many different people within the industry now and there’s still so much more to learn and open up too.
I’ve also hopefully got some opportunities for a few visits and just casual chats which help me out so much more than some people may realise. Seeing how people work first hand and just getting to have a chat with them about many different things really shows me what it’s like out there and what I’m going to have to expect.

So as well as having to remember to email some specific people in the new year I’ve also been pointed towards some amazing and inspirational artists that I have to look more into and keep following. Artists such as Chuck Jones whom I’m sure many will know but was a key animator, director, cartoon artist, all sorts for Warner Brothers.
Robert Ryan Cory who did the character design on Spongebob Squarepants, Ren & Stimpy (layout artist), The Mighty B, The X’s and Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.
His Flikr is filled with simple, stong and amazing character designs which was brought to my attention from the reply I got from Michelle Xin. Michelle is a character designer for one of my most favourite cartoons out there at the moment, “Adventure Time”. She gave me some great advice and sent a really nice email back to me, her blog is also filled with some amazing art work and really makes me think about what people want, look for and what inspires them.
Skottie Young is someone who I think I’ve found before from someone elses inspirations but never found out his name until now! His work is simple, bold and they flow so well with the line work. You just need to google his name to find all his amazing work for Marvel, here’s his blog anyway…

What I really need to find out is what it took for them to get where they are…
How did they get there and how do they do what they do…

I’ve already gotten some tips and advice onto what some have done and hopefully I’m moving towards that.


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