Youtube VFX superstars

Youtube’s nothing new to a lot of people, but it’s a place that’s been growing for upcoming and new film makers, presenters, animators and VFX genius’ with it’s availability, user numbers and most of all it’s free to get your stuff out there whether it’s good or bad.


A lot of people I know already know about Freddie Wong and I’m sure I’ve mentioned him before, but within a year he’s really grown in popularity and is really getting out there! Although some people may say that he’s just all about guns, if you look through all his videos that’s not actually true. But I went and found one with a bit more VFX involved rather than just the gun shot VFX moments and some of his more recent ones focus more upon the actual method of filming, sequences, timing and sound rather than looking at the VFX they’ve been able to produce.

Cowboys & FreddieW (ft. Jon Favreau)

Making of Cowboys & FreddieW (ft. Jon Favreau)

What I really like about these guys are that they also spend time to do these great little ‘Behind the Scenes’ and ‘Making of..’ for the viewers. Not only is it great to see how they did it and learn a bit but also just get to look at post production to see the changes that they can make to the film. There’s some great tips and looks at does and don’ts within film making that you can learn from people who are still just getting into the VFX and film world. It’s also interesting to learn how they get the team they have, get the opportunities and look at what they use. By looking at these things you’re getting tips that more larger or well-known people may not have time to give out or even want to give out. For myself it’s much easier to learn from peers and it seems like its more common to learn from peers rather than someone teaching you it step by step, bit odd but it seems more relaxing and engaging some times.


These guys have worked alongside FreddieW a few times now and recently have worked on the Battlefield 3 short with them which is a great short film/advert they were asked to do by EA within 10 days. It really relates and plays with what you can do within game and plays with the sound and timing perfectly.
This specific video is one that brought me too them, it’s a great use of VFX and a playful attitude. It’s obviously working a lot around sound as well which seems to be more and more important within film and animation. I really love the colours and beam effects which he goes through in the ‘Making of..’ video below, which I’m defiantly going to have a go at with the beam that’s involved in the new brief. This may be due to its link, which he also mentions in the video, to the anime Gundam in which their lasers are so coiled and colourful and show this power within their movement. I’ll have to look much more into how over people use beams and light within theif films and VFX.

Dubstep Guns

Making of Dubstep Guns

Making of Dubstep Guns Pt 2


Just some pretty great little short using the game as a basis for the narrative and characters. Interesting use of the sound and trying to get an emphasis on the two separate teams from what seemed like not a lot of actual money to spend on this small production.

Killzone Extraction

Behind the scenes

I also love this one by the Pwnisher. I love the idea and play on something as simple as cardboard to make a narrative up and bring a story about such a very deep and kind of dark area to talk about. A really nice play on imagery and really creative, simple as well to not really pull the viewer anywhere too far. It still follows all those ‘rules’ or guides that have been set out in all those great war films we’ve all seen before. It seems two things that I really need to learn are masking within After Effects and green screen or compositing.

Cardboard Warfare 2


Found out about these guys a while back but never really looked into their stuff until now and I just thought this was simple and genius. It captures everything you’d want in a short film filled with some VFX and to go viral, cats, star wars fighters and lightsabers. It’s really simply done as well but really playful and does creative a simple narrative that the viewers can easily follow along because of its obvious influences. The Making of is kind of brilliant too to me just because of the cats…

Jedi Kittens Strike Back

Making of Jedi Kittens Strike Back


Here’s someone that’s worked with FinalCutKing and rather than tons of short films he’s got a few tutorials on different VFX tools and methods. Here’s one that I really could have done with last year for the rotoscope I did where I actually exported each frame as a separate image and then drew onto each one in Photoshop and then put them all back together. I loved it but it did almost kill me with the short time and lots of frames but this seems so much more simple and makes a lot more sense! Hopefully there’ll be lots more tips and useful things to do before I go doing that again!

Light Streak After Effects Tutorial


This is a great narrative and bit of coordinating for a short film. My brother was able to show me this little jem. I have yet to look through more of their videos but I know that Team2K also did a lot of stunts for some feature films. Gives me a great idea for my own short film with the playfulness it’s something that I think I would do myself. I might set out a few different ideas and see if I work with something similar but not just copy the idea, I’m going get some storyboards and layouts down.

Jedi Ninjas Ft. Team2K


I must have shown this and mentioned this before but this is another great very simple VFX which I’ve always wanted to do that plays with the sound, simple characters and real life footage. It seems quite simple now after all the things I’ve learnt already through the year and a bit but now after this module I’m sure I’ll be able to do something like this fairly easy.

Minilogue – Animals (short version)

Of course it’s not just Youtube that are now hosting a huge mix of stars within the film, animation and VFX world. Vimeo has been doing this for longer than Youtube however it’s only within the last year or so that Youtube has caught up with the HD video playback and more laws and regulations over video sharing which is more protective over people’s work. Still, Vimeo still seems a lot more professional and it’s a shame that it’s not as well opened and known as Youtube although it’s defiantly second.
Here’s an incredibly useful link given to us as an example reference for tutorials on VFX and animations with live footage within Vimeo

Of course there’s also a host of more independent film makers and animators with videos within Vimeo too…
You must check out Saman Keshavarz’s videos on vimeo, great director. I love the way he shoots, edits, composition and narrative through each short film, here’s one of my favourite ones as well as the Russ Chime video’s he did.

Porter Robinson // SPITFIRE (CAPTURE THE CAN) from Saman Keshavarz on Vimeo.


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