New module

New year, new module and lot’s of work to get done once again.
I really need to not just get on with Uni work though this year but also really get on with personal work.

Here we have the new module though in which I’ll hopefully be able to get my head around the much-needed After Effects and more specifically the way in which digital films are produced and visual effects implemented. As I get through each module you really get to see how much each stage of the process is involved with one another and how much they depend on one another. The most interesting point though for myself is that how the course title although sounds incredibly broad as Digital Film, Games & Animation, some people may see this as too open and that they don’t relate; but everything I’ve learnt so far has merged with one another and these areas rely on each other so much in every stage of their development and creation. This isn’t just in the method of working and what each area must look for but also the software and methods in implementing the thoughts and ideas that the creator and team has had.
This particular module seems to really display all the skills and tools that I’ve been able to learn so far. Hopefully I’ll be able to really push myself into getting something that’s testing the skills I have and showing what I’ve got so far as well as getting better at the various pieces of software.

After all that ranting! Within this module we’ve all been given the same storyboard but with a few elements and the assets for the production missing. These are things that we are expected to add ourselves and also are free to edit ourselves according to what ever we see fit. The genre of the film is yet to be decided also so it’s a fairly open brief at the moment apart from the set storyboard, which doesn’t have final sequence which we can also design ourselves.
The time limit is again only 1 minute excluding any title sequences which could be quite interesting and playful with that in mind!

Here’s the storyboard!

So what do we need to create?
As well as creating the actual footage for that we’ll be using and creating VFX for, I’ll have to also create a more detailed storyboard, layout and the characters involved. I’ll have to create more of a narrative for the actual story as at the moment although it has scenes, they don’t really mean anything at the moment and they don’t flow until you have much more of a story laid out.
First of all I need to figure out what the story is going to be, or the point of the film. I’ll have to draw out a plan as well as a more detailed storyboard layout, once I know the feeling and story that I want to create I can make characters based around that.


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