Transmedia games and animation

Something I forgot to place within my Game Art, Design and Animation module which I sadly regret is the look into how games and animation are almost merging into one practice. What I mean by this is that when creating assets for games or even for animations, they’re now (or at least will be) used for the other side which is either the game or animation.
What I see is that when a company now makes an animation, especially if it’s a large budget and high-profile one, they already have an idea for a game that they may want to bring out with the animation. With that in mind, what would most likely happen now is that they can use the assets created for the animation and re-use them within the game environment. This wouldn’t only just save time but also save a lot of costs for a company which in the current climit is ideal. The idea of also having the same environment and things within both game and animation means that it’d be much easier for a viewer to recognise and relate much more faster to both areas and feel as though they are one in the same which most people would most likely look for within a game or animation, you don’t want to distance them too much although one is much more interactive.

With the game you need to keep in mind the interactive-ness as well as the amount of polys within a game as this slows down the game with the amount higher amount of polys to process. With an animation it doesn’t matter as much about the poly count as that can be incredibly high but with an obvious larger render time if you do use a high poly count. The easier way of avoiding this is to make a mesh that looks like a high poly rendered image that sits on top of the lower poly count model within a game. This is how most games today get away with much more realistic textures and shapes, by creating a ‘cover’ almost that sits on top of a low rendered and poly model that the player moves. So the two forms of media can easily sit with one another and be used both ways.

This is something I not just need to learn but also get more detail on as I’ve been needing to look into for personal and more professional reasons.
You can already see this sort of stuff within Machinima which are short animations created using game assets and games in general, which I’ve also touched on before within last years Game Art & Design module.
There’s much more to the actual idea of using games for animation and animation to games but that again is something I’ll have to just look more into and even try for myself as I can use the recent games character ‘Peepa’ that I created and make a short animation using the assets made.


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