Sound games

I was able to get some sounds and voices recorded luckily last few nights and I’m not pretty much trying to get them all in order and clip them a little bit to fit Peepa. With some help from friends from a far we’ve made some sounds using some objects and just their voices to capture some interesting animal and background noises as well as the voice for Peepa.
As I don’t have any real sound editing software at home I’ve actually just been using Final Cut Pro as a sound editor as it has at least the basic features. What I’m thinking of doing is to actually do most of the editing here and then once I’ve got the foundation down I can then put it onto something like audacity at college if need be. But at the moment it’s turning out quite well.

Here’s a quick screenshot of what’s going on…

With the sounds I’m basing them off of a magical but nature type of sound. Almost like a fairytale but it still needs to be fairly dark and eary as Peepa’s world has been brought down by the tyrant Meida. I’m not sure whether yet to just use these sounds or to add a subtle backing song also behind it, I’ll just have to expand on it later.
With music though I was thinking along the lines of these,


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