Crunch time is nigh

I’ve been playing around a lot with the environment and developing on the actual original environment drawings I had done as I had to create some alterations due to issues I found whilst building it. Sometimes there was some restrictions as well as items I had to add just to show the point of the object as the texturing has not been going as well as I had originally planned.
I’ve got most of the build pretty much complete, the main things I need to do now is check everything is textured, sort out the animations as I still have issues with the way she moves, she’s not right yet! Once I’ve got those done I can place it all into Unity to piece it all together.
I have played with the lighting in Maya as well just to see what I can get out of her so far. Just seeing if the textures work the way I was wanting everything to appear. I really need to also play with the colours with the lighting seeming to be a vital part of my build that I didn’t really notice before.

So here’s what I’ve pretty much been up to within a week in a few snap shots…

The mad thing with all this is that more than half of just what I’ve got in snapshots here I’ve had to learn within the last few months on my own with the obvious bags of help from Mat and Annabeth. It may not be any incredibly good piece of work by any means, but with more practice and development, I don’t see Maya being an incredibly hard software to get better at. Hopefully I’ll be able to get there as it seems my travels and getting myself to events is beginning to pay off… this just means that as well as getting better at all these pieces of software and honing my animation skills, I need to get out there much much much more.


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