Aion and testing my world in Unity

Literally just found this due to a friend of mines new love for this game, which I didn’t expect to be quite honest. But when I looked it up I realised that, if Peepa was much more realistic and aimed at an older audience then, this is what I’d imagine she’d be like or at least involved with.

As I watched this trailer I kept thinking and analysing the way they move and the sort of build, textures and lighting that’s involved.
How do they get away with certain objects and the other little details within such a game. Although we’re very close to the end of this particular module it’s nice to now look at such a game and analyse and understand how and why they did certain things as well as get to point where I can say I know how to do what they’ve done, be it a much more basic level. The key point is the models, textures and most largest one I’ve learnt within this last part of the module is use of ‘baking’ the textures! It’s much more obvious now but a lot of the lighting shadows are baked onto the object or shape as a texture this means a lot less processing power is needed making much more fluid gameplay and movement.

Here’s where I attempted to see if my model even worked within Unity and then got help from Annabeth to see how baked textured worked and how it may work for my world as the tree has small pods or seeds hanging from the tree that glow and provide light. Well here’s some screenshots of the tests!


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