Nascente wasn’t built in a day…

Even though it wasn’t long ago, at all, since I posted something about the environment but I’ve gotten quite into it within a short period of time and here’s some more screenshots of where I’ve gotten with the small part of her world so far…

There’s been a fair few changes and with the most dramatic change being the scale of the entire build as I’ve sorted that out now. There’s still a lot to get done as well as sort out within this small part but I’m always also going back a little and checking everything constantly as well as saving it constantly! I’ve experienced a few more moments where Maya just crashes or doesn’t want to do anything…

But enough of that! Let me know what you think and here’s a link to some of my earlier environment development for Nascente to compare too…

Here’s some extra images that I never got to place online before but they’re here now! All for my environment to get a better idea of placing and the sort of colours, I was also trying to get the idea of the lighting and mist.


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