Environment, go go go!

I’ve been going at the environment for Peepa now as I move on from actually sorting herself out.
I have yet to really fully finish her animation’s and such but those I can develop further later on, I really needed to get the layout at least of the world in which Peepa’s going to move around in.

I’ve got a few more images to work off of with the environment that I’ve done recently because I really didn’t develop the environment enough at the beginning.
So here’s some screenshots of what I’ve got so far with the environment as well having to fit in a few bits and bobs that I’ve made separate like the seed and Peepa’s mask which I need to add into the environment. These are all of the top half of the ‘building’ so far as well with the bottom and stairs still to do.

I’m still in two halves about doing the exterior or how much of the exterior I need to do. If she’s really going to be just stuck looking at the inside of the pod. I didn’t originally design any sort of windows or view to outside which I may actually have to re-think about because it would be great to see into this mad world that I’ve got in my mind. We’ll see how it goes I guess…


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