Weight Paint time

Weight painting was a completely new thing for me and as if Maya already wasn’t so new and scary as it was, this had slowly destroyed me inside.
With Peepa she’s not quite finished yet with the whole weight painting but she’s almost there!
I knew this might take a while but there is so much to take into consideration when looking into the way in which each face and vertex moves within a model, details which I didn’t ever realise. As you can see in the screenshots below I had just move from each controller down and painted in which of the vertexs and faces needs to be affected and how much it is affected when the controller is moved upon the geometry. The white areas mean complete control and the black areas mean no influence upon the geometry.
A nice way of working which I had found for myself is to ‘flood’ the area I was working on with no influence or black, and then move on adding the influence to the parts I wanted so that areas I didn’t want affected where already unaffected. I then would move Peepa from the t-pose to see whether she moves the way I wanted and if not I alter the weight paint as I’ve moved her around a bit. This seemed to work really well for myself as there’s a lot of messing around with the tail, hair and antlers.
The most difficult part was actually getting my head around how the antlers would work! As I wanted them to not move and stay set on her head I thought that I wouldn’t want any influence from anywhere but I got it horribly wrong. As the antlers move with the head, there should be a complete influence on the antlers from the head and then I didn’t realise there was small amounts of influence from the hands which through the antlers everywhere. I got there in the end though but there’s still issues I have with the legs and shoulders, hopefully if I find time I’ll be able to sort them out.


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