Technology, liberation and a dabble of similucrum.

This lecture was mainly around how technology and design is merging together, with technology able to affect the collective consciousness.
With the increase in technology we as creatives have evolved with it and have changed the way in which we communicate, process and send ideas, thoughts and feelings. These images can lead to an important development within cultural development.

Here’s where we started looking into simulacrum that little bit as we are coming into an age where nothing is original, everything is reproduced and mass made. We are retaining so much information and imagery that it all kind of blurs as well as influences everything we do and say. A reproduction of an image or object can itself be its own image. This is the idea of simulacrum, something that is a reproduction or is very similar to something else, but itself is real and its own thing. When you copy something, is it really the same?
This is something that’s very close to me as the title of my blog pretty much shows, the funny thing is that a friend of mine once said this to me which is what I fell in love with. Oh the irony…

We as film makers and animators also need to understand that a lens can be used to create multiple viewing points and distort imagery in the way we choose. Technology and personal input changes the price and value of images, objects and other such things due to consumerism and mass media. Postmodernism moves destabilizes meaning and images much to that of technology and society, where we can change the value of an object even if it is copied just by where we ‘rank’ it within culture. We need to look into digital and post-digital era, needing to understand the way in which media influenced people using the more traditional methods.


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