Replys and visits!

It’s been a good month for myself and getting to talk to people within the creative world!
So I’ve sent out many more emails as well as trying to get in contact with the lovely people we got to meet at Bradford Animation Festival.

Certain companies have been so nice as to let me just go in and have a chat with them just to talk about what’s going on really.
I’m not fully sure as to what I’m going to say, but it’ll be a great way to see as to how people run and work around the creative industry.
It seems as though the most common piece of advice and things that always come up for us as students/people who want to get into the industry is that it’s just going to be incredibly difficult and no one will take us on straight away. Obviously work experience is needed but then it’s hard to get work experience, if you have no experience… a vicious circle but one I’ve got to be prepared to jump into.

I’ll hopefully hear back soon from the emails I’ve sent out and I’ll be sorting out more and more visits as and when I can.


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