Got a good few pieces of reference with help from Hollie in the Level 4 part of the course!
Just some quick video footage which I’d taken on my phone so I could get an idea of how Peepa may move or at least look at how she should if I was to do certain things with the model.
I had a little trouble directing Hollie as it was hard to explain how she’d move with no feet and everything, she’s an incredibly stylised character.
We kind of got there in the end but whilst animating I’ve just been sat there moving around myself and just trying to act out what would happen when I move her in different directions and actions. I’ve also been taking note a lot more of other people’s movements whilst walking around and trying to take note of how things move as I have the issue of animating her hair.

Here’s a link to the videos anyway,
Walk reference footage,

Pose reference footage,


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