Marxism & Design Activism

A really intense area of thought here with Marxism and design activism.
Basically Marxism is th view in which how much the people ‘up top’ control the way in which we live, think and believe.
You don’t really have to look far as to when you find something that really supports this theory and the idea in which we are being controlled into such a deep response.
Marxism however is a very political way of seeing this control, rather than being anything subtle or in terms of definitive images, it works more around about how we are governed. Marx, the theorist, proposed the concept of base/superstructure. The hierarchy that controls and drives the people into what to do, this is something that has been around for hundreds of years which still is around today in plain sight. The idea that there are the ‘fat cats’ or people in control that then determine the way in which we live and do things. They feed us what we need and we do what they want is pretty much how it’s laid out.

It’s a very obvious thing which you see everyday and today more than ever this is a very large argument as to what is going on in the world with a big help with the recession which no one can escape from.


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