Leeds Digital Festival, Love Arts Leeds, BAF

I’ve been able to help out at a few events recently which is always good.
Not too long ago myself, Mary and Zoe helped out setting up a night for the even Leeds Digital Fesitval which was good.
It was nice to see how people organised different events around Leeds as well as ones so big as Leeds Digital Festival.

I was also able to help out over the summer at some events which were great fun and should really be looked more into such as Love Arts Leeds organisation.
I was able to help out at one of their show events for a few days, setting up and on the night sort of things.
Met some amazing people and got some great contacts over the event as well as just getting to get out a bit more for art events that aren’t as big.

I’d like to be able to set up an event myself or at least get more involved in these things because there just isn’t enough of them around Leeds.
It seems to me that there’s not enough focus or even notice of the amount of creativeness flowing from around here.
Hopefully one point I’ll be able to maybe think of sorting one out, but for now I’m defiantly seeing if I can get to more events.
I’ll be trying my best to help out at BAF (Bradford Animation Festival) next year as it was such a good event it’d be great to see the inner workings as well as meeting and networking with all these people that share the same passion.


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