Animating Peepa

The most difficult yet the most satisfying part of the module so far for me.
I love animating and this is really where I want to specialise in, so I really want to get this right even if it means I go mental trying to get her moving the way I want to and making it feel right. This is somewhere that even the texture and geometry can’t speak about her personality and characteristics, this is really what brings her to life in my eyes.

It seems as though the hair and tail controls work great thanks to Mat’s help and she’s really beginning to move. I have left this post quite late as I’ve just been working at her solid for a little while to get her up to scratch as I know we are quite behind with the whole module and in strict time lines. Although we have dabbled in Maya before we didn’t really do anything extensive or as well-developed as this module so there was a large learning curve for myself and many others. I really wanted to get my head around the animating part within Maya and try to become somewhat more specialised within it even though there’s much more I have yet to even consider. Some parts I’ve had to teach myself and little tricks which will get around to bringing my little actors to life.

Here’s some screenshots of the animating I’ve been doing and looked like with the controllers up and then also the time line which I messed around with to try to get those 12 principles in.

With help from Ben I was able to get out a quick playblast as well as making it a little more ‘fancy’ and show the skeleton and controls within the animation looking at the stages I had to pretty much go through to get her where she is so far. There’s a few points I straight away notice and want to sort out even after looking at this, which is good because that means I can make her even better!

I’ll be doing much more of my own animations and characters hopefully soon even after the module as I want to get better at animation 2D and 3D based.


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