Re-doing and sorting UV

I messed up pretty big and I think I had saved the work incorrectly and done the silly thing of not double/triple checking!
I do usually keep double copies of each file when working with digital things but somehow this time the actual saving of Peepa had alluded me and I lost an entires day worth of work. It’s all about organisation of work and then saving them under each part of the build as well, in the case of Maya models.

So I’ve re-worked the old UV to fit the new UV which I had to make in Maya as the day’s worth of work that I lost was the beginning of the UV and some editing I had done to Peepa which was pretty much just tidying her up.

And this is the hair that I’ve almost finished with me having to just tidy it up a little when I get the chance. Now I’ve got the hair sorted out I’m able to actually start to try sort out the main body’s UV although I found the arms really hard to UV. What Mat had done in the video tutorial he had made to do the UV-ing didn’t seem to want to work for Peepa for some reason which was awkward but I think I’ve gotten around that anyway.

Here’s the body pretty much sorted as well with a good photoshop session where I’ve painted her face on. Although as you can see, the first attempt of the face failed just a little bit…. Her eyes were too small and apart on her face which made her look a little bit weird as well as evil. So I’ve re-done it and now its going back to, once again, touching up the UV texture when I can just to make sure it all fits together much more smoothly.

Here’s some quick screen shots as well where I had exported Peepa, before her body was textured, so I could place it into Unity and begin to have an idea of how to make a character movement show. They needed to be exported as FBX files to import them into Unity from Maya as well as retaining all of the information from Maya, but we had to first of all allow the Plug-in to let us export it as this file.


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