Visits, exhibitions and getting out there

Having been to BAF and been so inspired I think it’s time to get some more festivals in order before I miss anymore of them.
There was so much inspiration and creativeness at that event, I am now pretty content on getting more work out there and just getting everything done.
Here’s some more events that I’ve gotten ear of that I’m going to be trying to attend as well as the ones I’ve listed before and then some competitions that I think I might look more in too. At the moment it doesn’t feel as though I have enough knowledge or experience in certain areas to put work into competitions but it seems like a great start to get some feedback and experience. Hopefully I’ll be able to develop and create something really nice, and potentially amazing!

So there’s the ones that were mentioned to us at BAF which I must look much more into…

Anima – 17th – 26th February, Brussles

International Tirckfilm Festival – 8th – 13th May, Stuttgart, Germany

Fantoche – 4th – 9th September, Baden, Switzerland

One a little closer to home as well which I had already had a quick look at after the mention at BAF,

Animex – 6th – 10th February, Teesside University, Middlesbrough

There are a few others that I’m looking at but the ones that I’ve just named are pretty much what I’d most like to go too at the moment.
With competitions I’ve not really tried to enter many before although I have been entered for a few a while back now like Doodle 4 Google twice where I got Regional Finalist both times and more small things like doing designs for Santa’s grotto in Batley a while back now!
So I’m getting much more up to date and getting much better and more work out there, recently Annabeth spoke to us about these which I think I may have a go at.

Dare to be digital –

D&AD –

And one that she did also mention but actually got in contact with me the other day was 2.8 Days Later with a very nice little tweet.

I’ll have to keep my eye out for a bit more animation style competitions and also see if I can get any work together for next years animation festivals!


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