Bradford Animation Festival 2011 – Day 1

Today was the first of four days of Bradford’s Animation part of their Bradford Animation Festival (as for those who don’t know they do have a Games part also which had taken place Tuesday and Wednesday).
Already there’s been some amazing animation work and a great short film on a key animator and as some say grandfather of all things in the special effects side of sci-fi and fantasy within film, Ray Harryhausen.

The images below are scans of some of the notes I noted down about the animations that myself and Mary had gone to check out. These where screenings of some inspiring and creative animations from people all around the world on different subjects but named under Panorama 1-3. I didn’t get much notes on the first two just because I was a bit slow to get my phone out as a form of light as it was too dark to see a thing! But I did enjoy them a lot especially the second one. The most interesting thing about them was the difference in material and subject and then the method in which they portrayed that matter. It’s given me tons of ideas but it was also great to be able to critique the work in such a way that I could see how or why they did subtle things and how important sound and image work together. It’s great to feel as though you can not just appreciate the animation and time taken to do them, but the actual reason for method of the animations.
So here’s the order the animations came in with my notes matching the order, I also placed abbreviations next to them anyway in case I forgot!

Panorama 1

Escape his stare (M’echapper de Son Regard) – Chen Chen/France/2010

The Saga of Biorn – Benjamin Kousholt/Denmark/2011

The Man With The Stolen Heart – Charlotte Boulay-Goldsmith/UK/2011

Britain – Bexie Bush/UK/2011

Once Only (A UNICA VEZ) – Numo Amorim/Portugal/2010

Goo Goo Babies – Alexey Alexeev/UK/2011

The Lighthouse – Po Chou Chi/Taiwan,USA/2010

Scared (Apeuree) – Patrucua Sourdes/France/2010

Ishihara – Yoav Brill/Israel/2010

Henrick – Yoonah Nam/UK/2011

Sleep – Claudias Gentinetta, Frank Braun/Switzerland/2010

Panorama 2

Chest of Drawers (Piirongin Piiloissa) – Sanni Lahtinen/Finland/2011

The Amazing Elephant Man – Jonathan Headon/UK/2011

Princesse – Frederick Tremblay/Canada/2010

Dead Bird – Trevor Hardy/UK/2011

DEsign – Mihkel Reha/Estonia/2011

Hinterland – Linda McCarthy/UK/2010

Nomads – Tom Senior/UK/2011

Drama (Un Drame) – Margaux Duseigneur/France/2011

Las Palmas – Johannes Nyholm/Sweden/2011

The Shoemaker (O SAPATEIRO) – David Doutel, Vasco Sa/Portugal/2011

Panorama 3

Remembering Formby – Sue Elliot/UK/2011

On the rails (Sur les rails) – Jeremy Guiter/France/2011

Late one night = Anna Prager,Asaf Shub/Israel/2010

Small Gamers – Bruno Collet/France/2010

The Man Who Was Afraid of Falling – Joseph Wallace/UK/2011

One Second Per Day – Richard Negre/France/2011

Bertie Crisp – Francesca Adams/UK/2011

Out on a Limb – Falk Schuster/Germany/2011

C4 – Lera Mishurova/Israel/2010

The Gentlemans Guide to Villainy – Aidan McAteer/Ireland/2010

Maska – Quay Brothers/Poland/2010

The short film on Ray Harryhausen – Special Effects Titan, Directed by Gilles Penso and Produced by Alexandre Poncet, was an inspiring and incredibly intriguing look into a man who had really opened the sci-fi and fantasy world for many generations. I admittedly did not know much about Ray until today although the films in which he’s been involved in are no mystery to me. I loved the classic and was fascinated by the old way in which they had produced these creatures and was incredibly surprised to find that Ray had created, animated and many times edited the creatures himself as well as having been self-taught. For one man to give so many characters such a large amount of life is incredible and although you could say this is aimed more for those who are into film, his passion for animation is un-nerved.
I would be more than happy to watch the short again as it also starred an incredible list of directors, animators and film stars from all over the world who have themselves been inspired by Ray Harryhausen’s work. It’s great to see what makes these creatives, who are at the height of their careers, tick and make them feel passionate about what they’re creating. It is a must watch for all those who were a fan of those classic sci-fi fantasy films as well as anyone who is really passionate about animation no matter what form of animation it may be as they all seem to run the same fundamentals and thoughts.

Bring on Day 2!


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