UV Maya Mapping Fun

This part of the module has truly blown my mind.
I had a lot of trouble actually get my head around how to UV map Peepa, so I’ve been sat watching the video tutorials that Mat has been able to put to gether for us over and over to try to think about which way and how to texture Peepa. I am getting there with them and its more of a case of learning from my mistakes and noticing things earlier on now.

I started off with the hair and antlers and then split that part up a little bit more in order to texture it all. I thought it’d make it easier by splitting up the hair and body because of the detail I wanted to put in as well as them being quite large parts of their own to texture.
I must have done around 6 different blinns due to me putting it into Maya then back to Photoshop to try to get it right again, changing a little bit every time. In the end though I think I have most of it spot on although if I can I’ll probably try to get a little bit more time on it because I still think there are things that aren’t quite right but more ‘nit picking’.

Here’s some quick screenshots of what I got the UV texture out as, as well as working on it in Photoshop and Maya.
What I found the best was to have Maya in the background, so I could check on the model where the right part of the UV is that I’m wanting and selecting it’s face to show up on the UV editor. I then had my original colour test for Peepa up in Photoshop also with the image and colour palette placed to the side, and then the main UV texture in the middle to work on.
When working within Photoshop as well I found it a lot easier to put the actual drawn layer on top with lower opacity to see the UV shell layout for Peepa. I could then grab the right colours from the original colour test image and do almost a general layout so that I know where everything should/needs to be, and then turn the opacity back up and tidy the image back up.


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