Peepa’s coming to 3D form

Pretty excited about how much Maya is growing on me although it has its moments.
So this is how far I’ve been able to get with the creation of Peepa within Maya and lots of help from Mat.
There’s still a long way to go and there’s obviously the large part which is to do with texturing which will hopefully bring her to life. At this moment in time there’s still little bits of ‘tweeking’ and I was just finishing off making the tale for her. Next are the antlers and then back again to making sure it’s as smooth as possible, getting rid of any un-needed edges or vectors. I also will need to keep double checking that I haven’t left edges that just suddenly stop as these will cause problems when animating and making a skeleton for her as I had Mat just make sure I was on the right track.
Most things with building her are coming quite naturally, especially with the tutorials and help. Thinking of making something from a simple shape and not over complicating things, is something I need to drill into my mind and just keep going at it.

Below are some quick screenshots of where I’m at with the overview, a version which I’m working in where I’m getting the basic shape and sizes, and then a more rounded version although not final ’rounded’.


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