Sound within games

I thought about how sound works within a film or animation… but realistically I know that sound design for a game isn’t always going to be the same. There’s one game in particular that I am in love with at the moment and it hasn’t taken long, Battlefield 3 (BAF3) which came out this Friday, has taken over my weekend which I know isn’t very good. I am truly amazed at the sound design for BF3 because of its realism, detail and great alterations when the needed e.g. shellshock.

Here’s a short but interesting interview with the sound designer for BF3, Stefan Strandberg…

It’s nice to see at how people even within the industry are constantly learning and improving their own skills and still capturing, storing and researching in their own areas. It’s interesting how much realism he want’s to take into the game environment, but still not using the exact sound that you may expect, for the point in time. It’s pretty cool how they look into using real life sounds and animal sounds to make things that we think we know come to life, like how he mentions the lion sounds for the falling towers/buildings.

Here’s some more in-depth talks with the lead sound designer for The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim game, Mike Lampert.

A fair few bits of information for this actually mainly came from a site called gameinformer. They’ve got tons of information, general discussions and video interviews, another useful site just to grab more information from and just general chat about games in the future.


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