Sound Sound Sound

With the contextual and theoretical studies lecture we looked into the importance as well as the lack of importance with the use of gathering different pieces of information from varying places.
I know I’ve placed a blog post already around sound within the Game Art, Design & Animation module but this is where the more in-depth look into sound came from. If you’d like to check out that blog post again just click HERE.

It’s incredible how much importance and effect sound can have on a person without them even noticing. It can control a whole array of feelings, thoughts and even control the mood and thought that runs through our minds at that time. There’s an actual language with sound and that isn’t just as most people expect with music and words but also background sounds such as wind and static which can still cause a large impact on the environment which the director or creator wishs you to be. A nice way of putting it that I had recently learned about is how sound can explore and expand on micro-dramatics and mirco-physiognomy which is the small moments or actions within a scene and the small movements in someones movements or facial expression.

I do go into a little bit more detail on the scans that I’ve placed into this post below around the discussion of whether sound works or not within film. Although we were mainly looking into sound and film and its relationship we also touched upon just gathering information and presenting it in such a way that we can form a valid argument as to why it does or doesn’t work. We need to make sure we look at information and fact from all over not just one source as well as gathering both sides of the argument/discussion.

Scan 3 is just an example layout of a mind map which I hadn’t actually used for a very long time as I seem to just make lots and lots of notes these days.


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