Transmedia and the Vatican?

I stumbled across this the other day and thought it was amazing.

(If the link doesn’t work please just copy and paste it into your HTML bar. Thanks!)

It’s a 3D retrospect of one of the grand halls within the Vatican, in which you can move the camera around in a 360 degree angle.
Impressive stuff for the Vatican and interesting how much it wishes to merge itself with popular culture and the rest of the world. Is this them trying to say that they wish to try to merge with society some more?
I thought about how this is a form of transmedia though as well as some of the other points that Garry’s been talking to us about with communication, ‘global village’ and inter-media. It’s interesting how much religion and other such cultural beliefs have tried to have a hold or influence in people’s lives through out time, but with the rise of technology it seems people have less things to believe in… or perhaps even more. With this website it’s showing that it’s still trying show people what they are about, whats there and its history. From oral tales, to visual paintings and written scriptures, to being able to see grand halls within the Vatican from the comfort of your own home and seeing the narrative and paintings delicately painted onto the walls and ceilings.
Maybe… or maybe I’ve just taken this to far. Who knows?


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